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we will bring long term revenue

FABS LLC, provides you with the right tools, training, and resources to succeed in a culture based on integrity, compliance, and structure. Our independent consultant program is designed to assist you in gaining the business advantage and expanding your clientale. Our goal is to help you open your mind to a new way of thinking about how to obtain that productive, and rewarding career you desire.

By joining FABS LLC‘s team of business consultants, advisors, and accountants, you will be provided exceptional business solutions and services. As we join together our collaborative efforts to aid small business owners in coming into compliance with all local, city, state, and federal laws and regulations; in doing so, we will bring long term revenue and stability. If you are motivated to join our team, success can be yours anywhere at FABS LLC. Our motto is “
Helping you Gain the Business Advantage”


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FABS LLC’s Independent Consultant Program financial compensation plan: 35% for every client you sign on any service for the first 9 months. Up to 50% for every client you maintain and service monthly after the 9 month period and hence forth. •

  • First 9 months of basic training for client setup and application data entry services.
  • The first 9 months of basic training are provided for consulting and advising will be directed to the senior advisory team.
  • If interested in joining, all contracts, agreements, and forms will be provided.
  • Onboarding setup, training, and software will be provided after all documents are signed.

Please remember we are right here with you, aiding your business in soaring to higher heights!! 


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